SC Board of Dentistry Legislation Affecting Dental Assistants

Infection Control CE: H 5145 – SIGNED INTO SC LAW September 2016

Infection Control Regulations:  This requires that all dentists and staff receive 2 hours of their required number of continuing education credits in infection control.  It also includes that the dental office should follow the current CDC guidelines on infection control.

DANB Certificants:
Whether you hold one or more DANB certifications, you must earn a minimum of two CDE credits in infection control (e.g., instrument sterilization/reprocessing) annually. The annual federally mandated OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard training does not count toward the annual minimum of two CDE credits required in infection control.

Page 3 of the DANB recertification manual

Approved Procedures for Dental Assistants in SC

South Carolina State Board of Dentistry
State Practice Act
Chapter 39 Sections 12-13:

(Below is the practice act as it pertains to assistants)

39-12. Approved Procedures of Dental Assistants.
The Board has approved performance of the following procedures by dental assistants in South Carolina. No formal academic dental training is required for dental assistants. These procedures must be performed under the direct supervision of a dentist present on the premises and licensed in South Carolina.

(1) Assist in basic supportive chairside procedures.
(2) Chart existing restorations, clinically missing teeth, and appliances within the oral cavity.
(3) Apply topical drugs as prescribed by the dentist.
(4) Place and remove rubber dam.
(5) Place and remove matrix.
(6) Place and remove orthodontic ligatures.
(7) Take and record vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, respiration, etc.).
(8) Expose radiographs upon completion of a Board approved radiation safety course.
(9) Place and remove periodontal packs.
(10) Remove sutures.

39-13. Approved Procedures of Expanded Duty Dental Assistants.
An Expanded Duty Dental Assistant is a dental assistant who is a graduate of an American Dental Association accredited dental assisting program, or one who has completed two (2) years of continuous full-time employment as a chairside dental assistant. In addition to the procedures listed for dental assistants, Expanded Duty Dental Assistants may perform the following procedures under the direct supervision of a dentist present on the premises and licensed in South Carolina.

(1) Take impressions for study models.
(2) Place and remove socket dressing.
(3) Place gingival retraction cord.
(4) Place temporary restorations.
(5) Cement temporary crowns or bridges.
(6) Remove excess cement from restoration and/or appliances.
(7) Polish restorations and supra-gingival tooth structure.
(8) Application of pit and fissure sealant.
(9) Monitor nitrous oxide anesthesia